Wire cable trays

Recommended environment for installation and storage

Recommendation for installation of FLEXNET wire cable trays system, considering the infl uence of outer environ ment divided according to the IEC364-3 and Czech standard CSN EN332000-3: It is not recommended to install the system in industrial premises with heavy mechanical stress - intensive impacts and vi bra tions (AG3, AF3). The system is fully suitable for installation in industrial premises with a medium and slight mechanical stress.

ZZ - Heat zinc coated surface, coat min.120µm

The system is suitable both for indoor and outdoor installations of all temperature and humidity (AB1-AB8). The system may be installed even in premises with increased probability of water presence - places where water can spring in all di rec tions (AD1-AD5). Installation is not recommended in places with regular water occurrence like sea moles, and in places partially or permanently fl ooded (AD6-AD8). From the point of view of corrosive substances in flu ence, the system may be in stalled in AF1-AF2 environment, i.e. environment with a signifi cant presence of such sub stanc es. Coastal areas and places with sig nifi cant ly polluted at mos phere are involved such as neighbourhood of chem i cal factories and cement mills.

GZ - Electroplated surface, coat min.10µm

The system is suitable for indoor installations in a dry environment (also stored in a dry environment). The system is suitable for outer instal la tions only if protected against atmospheric infl uences (AB1-AB7). Installation in unprotected outer environment is not recommended (AB8).
From the point of view of corrosive substances, the system may be installed in AF1 environment, i.e. environment with a minimal infl uence of such substances. The system should not be installed in highly polluted areas like in chemical industry, etc. (AF2-AF4).

Zinc loss

Countryside environment0,8-1 µm/year
City environment1,5-3,5 µm/year
Sea environment2-5 µm/year

Example - When you use wire cable trays with heat-zinc coating in a city environment, your installations is protected against corrosion more than 17 years.
(Zinc loss is 3,5 µm/per year)
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