Wire cable trays

I. Earthing without an auxiliary earth cable

In this type of installation, all trays must be connected in a prescribed way by FS1 connectors ensuring conductive connection of the trays. Trays connection must not be interrupted anywhere. Conductivity of the connected trays then corresponds to the conductivity of a copper conductor according to the below given table.

II. Earthing with an auxiliary earth cable

All trays used in the installed system must be interconnected by an earth cable of a corresponding cross-section. The earth cable is attached to the trays by means of specially installed FS1 connectors. The earth cable should be used without interruption, but the insulation has to be stripped in the place of the connector. It is sufficient to use one connector FS1 per one tray piece for the earth cable attachment.

Tray conductivity calculated to wire copper profile

FN609,2 mm2
FN14013,7 mm2
FN24013,7 mm2
FN240218,3 mm2
FN36018,3 mm2
FN360222 mm2
FN48022 mm2
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